The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a Cash Rebate on eligible Dutch spend of 35% for Film Productions and 30% for High End TV Productions, making the Netherlands an attractive place for national and international productions. The maximum grant per application is € 1,5 million.

The main requirements for eligibility are:

  • Feature films and single episodes with a production budget of at least 1 million euro (a minimum of € 600,000 is possible, subject to certain conditions)
  • Drama series with a minimum budget of € 12,000 per minute, and € 8,000 for animated series and drama series for children
  • At least 50% of financing should be in place
  • Minimum Dutch spend is € 100,000
  • Based on the point system, only applications with a minimum of 75 out of 200 points are eligible
  • A guaranteed theatrical release in the Netherlands or Dutch broadcaster or VoD platform(s) publicly accessible in the Netherlands

For more detailed information, contact us or see also the Netherland’s Film Fund.

Millstreet Films recently co-produced Erik Van Looy’s box-office hit THE PRIME MINISTER, which was partly financed by the Production Incentive. We have strong relationships with Dutch distributors, extensive experience with local institutions and financiers and an in-house post-production supervisor.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of an international co-production, please contact us.