26 Aug AMSTERDAM VICE selected by Festival de la Fiction de La Rochelle in France

THE SERIES WILL HAVE ITS WORLD PREMIERE AND TAKE PART IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. Dutch series AMSTERDAM VICE (original title: BAANTJER HET BEGIN) is selected for the international competition by the Festival de la Fiction in La Rochelle, France. The first episode will be screened and have its worldwide premiere at the festival. AMSTERDAM VICE is a 8 x 45’ crime thriller produced by Rachel van Bommel, Millstreet Films (The Neighbors, Loft, Sophie). Federation handles international sales.

The screening will take place at Cinema Le Dragon on Sat. 14 sept at 4.30 pm. AMSTERDAM VICE screenwriter Willem Bosch will be present at the festival for the Q&A. AMSTERDAM VICE is an original prequel to the stories written by A.C. Baantjer, the most successful Dutch book franchise of all time.  The series is set in the roaring eighties in the Amsterdam, in the historic city center crisscrossed with canals, where modern life clashes with the old village mentality.

Detective Judd Cox has just been promoted to the toughest department within the capital cities’ police force. Along with his new partner Montyn, the unique pair are investigating a murder case that leads to plans for an attack on the coronation day of Princess Beatrix. The duo must do everything in their power to stop such an attack.Based on historical facts, AMSTERDAM VICE combines moments filled with high tension and emotional depth. A character-driven drama, starring two unlikely detectives, one from the city and one from the country, much like Amsterdam itself: gritty, yet warm-hearted and witty.

Federation has acquired international rights to the series, which will be aired in Benelux on RTL 4/ Videoland and VTM in 2020. Amsterdam Vice is co-produced by Hilde de Laere. FBO (The Fifth Estate, Callboys, The Prime Minister, The Day)The series is directed by Arne Toonen (Black Out, Chubby Drums) and Lourens Blok (Lois, Boy 7) with Waldemar Torenstra, Tygo Gernandt, Yannick Jozefzoon, Fedja van Huêt, Robert de Hoog, Lisa Smit and Jelka van Houten as the main cast. AMSTERDAM VICE is written by Willem Bosch, Carl Joos, Thijs Römer, Reint Schölvinck, Wolter Muller and Judith Goudsmit based on an idea from Peter Römer and Thijs Römer.