27 Aug Dutch series ANNE+ nominated for Prix Europa

The critically acclaimed short form series ANNE+, about 24-year-old Anne living in Amsterdam, is nominated for a Prix Europa in the category TV Fiction. The series was already selected by renowned international festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, Outfest Los Angeles, Series Mania and Inside Out Toronto. A second season is currently in production.

ANNE+ is a relatable story about the turbulent life of a young lesbian woman in her twenties in Amsterdam. The series received a lot of praise due to the positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters, characters without a focus on their sexual identity or coming-out. The series tells a universal, contemporary story about love and coming of age.

The first episodes of ANNE+ had their world premiere in the short form competition of Series Mania 2018 in France, where after the complete first season (6 x 12 Minutes) premiered in the debut competition of the Netherlands Film Festival. The series had its North American premiere at Tribeca Film Festival last April. ANNE+ season 2 started shooting last week and will consist of 8 x 25 Minute episodes. Broadcaster BNNVARA will air the show on prime time TV in the Netherlands in 2020.

About ANNE+
As gay women born in the 90s, writer Maud Wiemeijer, director Valerie Bisscheroux and lead actress Hanna van Vliet didn’t grow up with a lot of relatable representations of themselves in the media. This became the driving force that motivated them to create ANNE+. The series is produced by Rachel van Bommel and Suzan de Swaan, Millstreet Films, in co-production with the ANNE+ foundation. The series is broadcasted by BNNVARA in The Netherlands.

ANNE+ Season 1 synopsis
The weekend Anne (24) moves into her own place she unexpectedly runs into her ex-girlfriend Lily. Lily was her first girlfriend and a lot has happened since they broke up four years ago. Over the weekend, Anne reflects on the relationships she has had throughout her student years in Amsterdam. In six episodes we learn about Anne’s turbulent love life and how these diverse girls and various relationships have contributed to who she is today.