12 Jun Dutch thriller ‘Faithfully Yours’ most popular Non-English film on Netflix worldwide

AMSTERDAM – The sensual Dutch thriller ‘Faithfully Yours’, directed by André van Duren, leads the Netflix Global Non-English Films chart with 29,060,000 viewing hours and takes a #2 position of all films on Netflix worldwide. In the US the film claims #6 of most viewed films according to the Top 10 figures published by Netflix. ’Faithfully Yours’ was released on the platform on May 17th.

‘Faithfully Yours’

Best friends, Bodil (37) and Isabel (35), attractive, successful and seemingly happily married, once in a while go away together for weekend to have secret affairs. They use each other as alibi and always make sure they have their stories straight. They prepare credible plans and specific details so they’ll never contradict each other. But then Isabel is murdered at a time and place where they were supposed to have been together. Bodil gets caught in her own web of lies.

‘Faithfully Yours’ is written by Paul Jan Nelissen (The Gang of Oss, Godforsaken), Elisabeth Lodeizen (Hunter Street) and André van Duren (The Fury, The Gang of Oss). The film is produced by Rachel van Bommel (The Neighbors, ANNE+) from Millstreet Films.

About Millstreet Films

Millstreet Films produces high-quality feature films and drama series from a contemporary female perspective for a wide audience, with strong female leads or female film makers. Millstreet Films is known for productions such as ‘ANNE+’, the ‘Sophie’-films & series, ‘Single Street’, ‘Loft’, ‘Amsterdam Vice’ and ‘The Neighbours’, which were all successful both domestically and abroad.