Feature Film (episode 1 & 2) | In Post-Production
Season 1 | In Production

Amsterdam Vice is a vibrant crime series based on the original character Jud Cox. In the series we go back in time 30 years, to the roaring eighties in Amsterdam, where our main character Cox is in his thirties and just joining the Amsterdam Police department.

Amsterdam Crime Stories revives the incomparable Amsterdam crime scene of the eighties, with its legendary, folksy underwold figures and true crime stories that defy imagination. It is set in the unique historic city center, crisscrossed with canals, where modern life clashes hard with the old village mentality. In a time of change and constant social unrest.

At the heart of the character-driven drama, are two unlikely detective buddies: a backstreet kid and a country lad.

Film & series are based on the books by A.C. Baantjer.

Waldemar Torenstra
Tygo Gernandt
Fedja van Huêt
Jelka van Houten
Ryanne van Dorst
Robert de Hoog
Loes Luca
Ruben van der Meer
Horace Cohen
Lisa Smit
Production Year: 2018
Language: Dutch
Genre: Crime
Director: Arne Toonen
Storyline: Thijs Römer, Peter Römer
Screenplay: Thijs Römer, Willem Bosch, Carl Joos, Reint Schölvinck, Willem Bosch, Wolter Muller, Judith Goudsmit
Production Company: Millstreet Films
Producers: Rachel van Bommel