Feature Film (episode 1 & 2) | Theatrical release – April 2019
Season 1 | Coming Soon – January 2020

AMSTERDAM VICE is an original prequel to the most successful Dutch book franchise of all time called BAANTJER, written by A.C. Baantjer and published by De Fontein.

The story is set in the roaring eighties in Amsterdam, in the unique historic city centre, crisscrossed with canals, where modern life clashes hard with the old village mentality.

Our main character Judd Cox -end thirties- is just promoted detective at the roughest Police department in Amsterdam.

Against the backdrop of historical facts, AMSTERDAM VICE combines hi-octane moments with deep characterization and emotional depth. At the heart of the character-driven drama, are two unlikely detective buddies: a backstreet kid and a country lad. The tone is gritty, yet witty and warm-hearted.

The feature film was awarded a Golden Calf for “Best Production Design” at the Netherlands Film Festival 2019 and a Golden Film Award.


Waldemar Torenstra
Tygo Gernandt
Yannick Jozefzoon
Robert de Hoog
Lisa Smit
Ruben van der Meer
Horace Cohen
Ryanne van Dorst
Jelka van Houten
Loes Luca
Charlotte Vandermeersch
Juda Goslinga
Thom Hoffman
Paol Cairo
Genio de Groot
Production Year: 2019
Language: Dutch
Genre: Crime
Director: Arne Toonen, Lourens Blok
Storyline: Thijs Römer, Peter Römer
Screenplay: Willem Bosch, Carl Joos, Thijs Römer, Reint Schölvinck, Wolter Muller, Judith Goudsmit
Production Company: Millstreet Films
Producers: Rachel van Bommel