A teenager, his mother and a tiny house; that’s trouble.

After his parents’ divorce, insecure teenager Kees wants to live with his Dad. Instead, he gets to stay with his Mum, who suddenly turned vegan and environmentally woke. On top of that she buys them a tiny house in an apple orchard. By working-out and eating lots of chicken to build his muscles, Kees is hoping to get the attention of his father. He just wants his old life back. But then the apple orchard and his mother turn out not to be that bad after all.

Mingus Claessen
Hannah van Lunteren
Maria van Eyle
Murth Mossel
Daisy Verma
Production Year: 2020
Language: Dutch
Genre: Tragic comedy
Director: Maria Philips
Screenplay: Manon Verhagen
Production Company: Millstreet Films
Producers: Rachel van Bommel, Suzan de Swaan