Sara Silverstein just moved back from LA with her family. She never had to deal with violence before, and is devastated when her son signs up for the US marines. When Sara is assaulted by a stranger and her family is involved in a violent burglary, she feels threatened. Would this have anything to do with her father’s secretive war history? Sara has to unravel her father’s past, to find out who is haunting them, and at the same time she must find a way to keep her family together.

THE HERO was selected as the opening film of the 36th Netherlands Film Festival.

Monic Hendrickx
Fedja van Huêt
Daan Schuurmans
Kitty Courbois
Hans Croiset
Susan Visser
Suus de Nies
Thijs Boermans
Production Year: 2016
Language: Dutch
Director: Menno Meyjes
Screenplay: Menno Meyjes, Jessica Durlacher
Production Company: Millstreet Films
Producers: Rachel van Bommel