Eva is on the run for kidnapping her adoptive two-year-old daughter Roosje. While she tries to stay ahead of the authorities, she flees to Sardinia with the aid of an intriguing stranger. This man named Olivier and his seductive counterpart Victoria help her settle down and become her neighbors on the island. She starts to build a life again for her and Roosje, but soon enough it turns out her new home is not the safe haven she hoped it would be.

Back home in Holland, Peter starts to search for his wife and daughter after being released from the hospital. At the same time a young couple, expecting their first child, moves into the neighborhood and Lilly finds her former cellmate on her door step. At the first clue that Eva and Roosje might be at Sardinia, Peter jumps on a plane to try and find them.

Some time later, Victoria and Olivier turn up under suspicious circumstances in the neighborhood in Holland. There is no trace of Eva, Roosje or Peter…

Also available: The Neighbors 1, The Neighbors 2, The Neighbors 3

Bracha van Doesburgh
Daan Schuurmans
Anna Drijver
Benja Bruijning
Sarah Chronis
Kay Greidanus
Anneke Blok
Beppie Melissen
Jorrit Ruijs
Production Year: 2018
Language: Dutch
Genre: Thriller
Director: Bobby Boermans, Jelle de Jonge, Mark de Cloe
Storyline: Oscar van Woensel, Dorien Goertzen
Screenplay: Oscar van Woensel, Dorien Goertzen, Karin van der Meer, Judith Goudsmit, Inge Hardeman
Production Company: Millstreet Films
Producers: Rachel van Bommel