WE OUT HERE is about Billie and Noah, two hilarious, sometimes frustrated and confused best friends who are in contact with each other non-stop and they discuss almost everything. We follow the two girls who are in their twenties at the crossroads of their lives as the end of their student-life approaches: When do they have to, when will they be ready to, and what do they actually mean, by “growing up”? And what do they have to give up in order to do so?

Jade Olieberg
Lisa Smit
Claire Benders
Kiefer Zwart
Gijs Naber
Ian Bok
Production Year: 2021
Language: Dutch
Genre: Tragicomedy
Director: Lieve Oomen
Screenplay: Lieve Oomen
Production Company: Millstreet Films
Producers: Rachel van Bommel, Suzan de Swaan