Amsterdam 27 September 2022 — A high end drama series about Máxima Zorreguieta is in the works. Dutch production company Millstreet Films is developing the series based on the bestselling book Máxima Zorreguieta. Motherland by Marcia Luyten.

Luyten says: “I am impressed by the attitude of the producer. She explores the complexity of female characters, and that’s what makes Máxima interesting.
She has a complex, versatile personality but is not a difficult person herself. The fact that she has so many different registers is the key to an explanation for her success.”

Director Anne de Clercq: “I find it appealing that the book tells Máxima’s story with so many beautiful, small everyday details that make her very human, but also a layered character. A woman that loves music and dancing, that is a bit chaotic yet also very structured, that is great at Shot Put, but also ambitious and a hard worker.”

About the series
The series will tell the fascinating life story of the Dutch Queen Máxima, a girl that becomes a queen. It shows Máxima’s younger years in Argentina and tells a story about family bonds, high expectations and unconditional friendship, against the background of the Dirty War that enters her daily life when her father joins the Videla government. Máxima leaves her motherland, exchanges Buenos Aires for Wall Street and enters the Manhattan jet set, but only after a personal battle has been fought. Her ‘free’ life comes to an end in 1999, when the press reveals she is the Dutch crown prince’s girlfriend.

Principal photography will start early next year. Shooting will take place in Argentina, Spain, New York and The Netherlands. The international casting for the leading role of Máxima will start this week by renowned casting directors Maria Laura Berch and Iair Said.

The series is produced by Rachel van Bommel of Millstreet Films. The service production abroad will be done by K&S Films, Leticia Cristi. RTL Videoland commissioned the series for the Netherlands.

The series is written by Marnie Blok, Ilse Ott, Marcela Guerty and Judith Goudsmit and will be directed by Anne de Clercq, Agustina Macri and Joosje Duk.

The original book Máxima Zorreguieta. Motherland is published by De Bezige Bij in the Netherlands. An Argentinian edition will be published by Planeta in Buenos Aires in December 2022.

About Millstreet Films
Millstreet Films produces high-quality feature films and drama series from a contemporary female perspective for a wide audience, with strong female leads or female film makers. Millstreet Films is known for productions such as: ANNE+, the Sophie-films & series, Single Street, Loft, Amsterdam Vice and The Neighbors, which were all successful both domestically and abroad.