Sophie finally seems to have her life back on track. She’s happy, her restaurant is booming and her kids are ready to leave the nest. As usual, Sophie tries to keep way too many balls in the air. Then she gets some bad news at the same time her daughter Sascha comes home from abroad to introduce her fiancée. Sophie gratefully embraces her daughter’s upcoming wedding as an excuse to bury her head in the sand. She must learn to accept help from her loved ones and that she’s worthy of their concern.

Also available: SOPHIE 1, SOPHIE 2 and SOPHIE season 1, SOPHIE season 2

Lies Visschedijk
Fedja van Huêt
Dan Karaty
Anneke Blok
Roos Dickmann
Elise Schaap
Manpreet Bachu
Dick van den Toorn
Brent Schoemaker
Niek Schoemaker
Sarah Janneh
Eva Laurenssen
Teun Stokkel
Noortje Herlaar
Production Year: 2019
Director: Anne de Clercq
Screenplay: Eddy Terstall, Anne de Clercq, Luuk van Bemmelen
Production Company: Millstreet Films, KeyFilm
Producers: Rachel van Bommel, Hanneke Niens