A universal romantic comedy, about expectations, disappointments, food processors, pasta vongole, wine, vodka, cheating and being perfectly happy together. Sophie has it all: adorable children, a small catering company, the ideal husband Kasper and a wonderful house, but once in a while she can’t resist thinking: “is this all there is…?” During one of her catering jobs she meets Jim, a divine choreographer, who falls for her delicious cooking. And the more she tries to resist this charming, uncomplicated and funny man – that keeps popping up on every event she caters – the more Sophie loses control of her once so perfect life…

SOPHIE sold 800.000 tickets in the Netherlands.

Lies Visschedijk
Fedja van Huêt
Dan Karaty
Chantal Janzen
Anneke Blok
Maryam Hassouni
Dick van der Toorn
Alex Klaasen
George van Houts
Production Year: 2013
Language: Dutch
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Director: Antoinette Beumer
Screenplay: Marjolein Beumer
Production Company: Millstreet Films, KeyFilm, RTL 4
Producers: Rachel van Bommel, Antoinette Beumer, Hanneke Niens, Hans de Wolf